//Summer Hunger

Summer Hunger

Donations to most food banks are largest around the holidays, as families give back to ensure those facing hunger across the area do not miss out on a warm meal during a joyous season. The food donations that have sustained the shelves of the food bank since November are long gone by May, when the long shadow of summer weather steams at our heels.

Second Harvest is proud to work with Feeding America and retailers like Walmart, whose “Fight Hunger. Spark Change.” Campaign raises funds to restock the shelves this summer. Walmart and Sam’s Club shoppers are able to donate directly at the register and/or unlock donations through the online or in-store purchase of participating products. For every participating item purchased, shoppers will help secure a meal for a family in need.

While the summer heat makes the struggles of families across our area more acute, much of the region is still reeling from the emotional and financial burden of disaster.

The area around Mr. Grey’s apartment complex in Robeson County was flooded, leaving him and the many seniors nearby without power and easy access to food and supplies. He was able to lean on one of Second Harvest’s many pantries to secure water, peanut butter, and other food items high in protein that didn’t require a hot stove to prepare.

This campaign supports summer feeding initiatives that help Second Harvest secure much needed donations to restock the shelves and ensure folks like Mr. Grey have continued access to the nutritious foods they need in the warm summer months.


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